Organizing Technology

Just like with space, technologies can be organized in different ways to do different things, or do things better, or to do more of what they already do well. A paper book is a technology (think about how it's similar to and different from a video screen). Think about how you use the objects around you for different things. Sometimes a technology is designed to do one thing or certain things, but it can also do unexpected things. Figuring out what things can do, when, and how is helpful—and don't hesitate to share anything you learn with others.

Projects that help you or other protos organize technology, or projects that help you or other protos think about how to organize technology and share ideas—are great!

Whatever kind of technology you have or use or want to use, realize it's valuable (and therefore a really good idea) to learn how to keep track of it all. If you get overwhelmed with technologies you have, or with ones you want to learn how to use, don't hesitate to start a project to help you and other protos with it.

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