Working in Time

Keep time in mind. Think about how the time you take working on projects passes. You can define the time of things in a lot of different ways. Does a project run really fast, or slow, or does it take a short or long time? Any speed is okay—it's just important (and fun) to think about it!

If you find an interesting way to think about time, or a way time can help a project or other protos, share it! Startup a project that helps protos work time into their projects in interesting and clever ways.

Time can feel like it's running really fast if you're really busy doing a lot of different things or if you're doing something really intently. It can seem like it's running very slowly if you're waiting around, or doing something that doesn't take a lot of thinking. Both speeds of time can be helpful and useful—think about how the work projects entail affects how time runs— play with time and have fun with it!

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