Running Projects

Running projects isn't about being the boss of projects—it's about how to work on a bunch of different projects as best you can and deciding how to keep it all running—how to keep your work as a proto running smoothly.

Projects that help protos keep their projects running smoothly would be a great place to start or turn to if you feel overwhelmed or if you have ideas as to how projects could work together.

When projects can find ways to run alongside one another, sometimes unexpected things can pop up and it can be helpful in ways you never thought of! Pay attention to how the projects you work on run together. Look at how the work you're doing on different projects affects your ability to solve the problems you're trying to solve, or to do the cool and amazing things you're working towards.

Help other protos when you can—design or find projects that help protos (or just yourself, as an experiment, then share it with others if you find it useful) —that help protos track the work they're doing and how everything runs together.

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