Project Energy

When you're designing a project you'll want to look at ways it brings in and gives off energy. Why do protos want to work on the project? It should help them solve problems as they're working on it. And what kind of energy does the project give off? That kind of means like “how does it help other protos?”

When you're designing a new project or working on an existing one, be on the lookout for ways that other protos and projects can "plug into" it. Don't keep it closed off—try to find as many ways as possible for it to fit in with other projects. This will help your project get energy from not only protos, but other projects too!

You also want to find ways that a project helps protos so that even when they leave the project, or when the project is "done" it takes on a life of its own and continues to help other protos and projects after it's up and running.

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