What's at Work

When you're working on a project, look to see what everyone's doing—and what the project is doing. What jobs are protos doing?

When you're thinking about a project to startup, think of all the different things protos could do to help with the project. Write out a "catalog of jobs" that explores what kind of work protos could do. Let protos work on whatever part they want. Design the project so that protos can change the parts they work on. This is a big challenge, but the better you can do this, the more successful, and the stronger, and the more helpful the project can be. Don't hesitate to think up and describe new things, new roles protos can take on to help out.

Let protos know what you're doing and how you work together. Let all the work people do on the project flow freely—let people try different things, let them decide what they do. Designing projects that can do that is really cool!

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