Finding Projects

Finding projects, and finding new ways for other protos to find them is a powerful thing. Whether it's something you're looking for to solve a problem or something to add onto or develop or something for fun you do that helps others find projects, or help complete projects you'll find it all.

Within a project you'll find yourself doing all sorts of everything—things you didn't know could even be done or ever thought you’d be interested in. You'll shift your focus from one task to another and back again and on to new levels of interaction with the protos around you.

What is a project?

A "project" is a focal point, a setting for things to happen in an understood way, among protos who share congruent interests, abilities and goals. Congruent. Not equal, not the same, not similar—but congruent, or compatible. Protos can have different expectations of a project, different interests, abilities or goals. Compatibility is the key.

Like the protos at work on them, there are projects everywhere you care to look. There are projects of every configuration and subject matter that any proto can imagine. There are projects in every state of completion, from the initial spark to the relics of projects that reverberate long after protos left them for new ones.

There are projects that:

you want to startup
you want to know about
you want to learn from
you want to contribute to
you want to build upon
you want to tell others about

A skill that any proto values is the ability to figure out which projects to work on, get into, spend time on. There are ever-evolving tools being developed by protos that help you evaluate projects—from every imaginable angle.

Project finders, project developers, project evaluators — some focused on just a few aspects of the project, others involved to its very depths.

There are protos who work to help others find just the right projects:

project finder
project designer
project developer
project evaluator

It is a good idea for any proto to have a variety of ways of finding projects.

Sometimes you find projects because:

-you're looking for them
-you've heard about them from other protos and want to know more
-you have a question you ask, and a project is part of the answer you get

You know you've found a project you should explore when questions start popping up in your head when you look at it

There are protos who have been working from their earliest days on finding ways to help protos find projects in just the right ways, for just the right reasons, at just the right times, in just the right places.

Perhaps one of the best ways to find projects you'd be interested in is to consider working on a project search project. You can find search projects to work on in which:

-you are the proto looking for something
-you explore things you're interested in
-you work on ways of asking questions that give you what you need to get protos what they're looking for

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