Finding Protos

You can find protos just about every direction you look. Look out far enough and they are sure to pop into your line of sight, onto your radar, beckoning you to pay attention. Protos have a rich and varied set of tools for finding one other. Every day there are more and more things out there waiting to be discovered, and the more a proto finds, the more they want to find others to share it with.

The quest to find protos is an ongoing, sometimes epic endeavor. It will present you with as many challenges as you seek.

There are a bunch of ways to find protos—and just as many reasons to find them.

The most straightforward ways of finding protos: tell the people around you that you are on the lookout. Don't just limit yourself to other people — communicate with the world around you. Tell stars, trees, rocks, birds.

Protos want to be found. They may not want to be found by everyone, or very often, or for very long, or for very many things — but all protos want to be found at one point or another.

It's like a "finding protos who..." type of thing:

finding protos who
finding protos that
finding protos where
finding protos when
finding protos because

When finding protos is a something you need help with.
When finding protos is something you're good at.
When finding protos is something you want to build for.
When finding protos is something you want to explore.
When finding protos is something you do.

A list of challenges:


Think about connecting all the elements, for example:

Finding protos…that are good at (each element), which leads to:

Project finding protos.
Knowledge Platform finding protos.
Free Interaction finding protos.
Sonic finding protos.

Finding protos for projects.
Finding a project’s protos.
Finding protos for organizing technology.
Organizing technology for finding protos.


Imagine two ways of getting a "heads" or "tails" of a coin. You could throw it in the air and see what side it lands on, or you could spin it on its side. It's kind of like there are two sides of a coin—protos finding one another because they specifically want to be found, versus finding them out...with the ridge of coin being happening upon them.

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