When you set a project into motion, where does it go from there? As you learn things, experience builds up—and projects can change. Sometimes they get smaller and more focused, sometimes they get larger and more expansive—sometimes both at the same time! These changes are a result of progressions—and protos can become very good at spotting them. But what are they good for?

Progressions allow protos to explore new things that emerge from projects. And once you’ve spotted one, you can jaunt a progression by doing something with it that allows it to interact with things in a new way. Progressions are powerful because they can lead to new ideas, new projects, and can eventually lead to new progressions—and protos can have a lot of fun exploring them!

Outposts are spaces that protos construct where they can work on jaunting progressions. A stakeout is a group of protos working together to explore and jaunt a progression. Progressions stem from ideas and projects, towards other ideas or projects—or away from them altogether to some new space.

Again, progressions can be small or large. The main thing to think about with them is how can you take an idea or project and do something really amazing and different with it—so amazingly that it becomes something new?

If you have an idea for a progression, share it with other protos. Do a stakeout, build an outpost to explore it!

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