Protogenic Handbooks

Protogenic is kind of like Jauntbox in that its meaning is not set—but it kind of means like "generated by protos".

Protogenic handbooks are invitations to explore. This startup guide is a protogenic handbook!

If you have an idea or a description of a project or place you think others might be interested in exploring (or you just feel like thinking about them) you could put them together into a protogenic handbook.

Both the protos that work on making protogenic handbooks and those that read or use them are both adding to them. If you use a protogenic handbook, you're testing it out—you're seeing how it fits in with other things you're thinking about or working on. You can then add to the handbook, start a new one or share it with other protos.

Protogenic handbooks can be about anything— ways of thinking about things, ways of doing things, lists of things to try or work on in different combinations, at different times, for different reasons. If you've ever wondered what it would be like if protos did such and such—it can be put into a protogenic handbook for other protos to see, try out, and refer to.

Protogenic handbooks can also just be places to get all the ideas you have out of your head and written or drawn or made into something—so that you can let it go and move on to something else. Who knows—you may come back to it, or other protos might be able to do something interesting with it!

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