Knowledge Platforms

A knowledge platform is something you can use to build on. If a proto solves a problem or figures out a way to do something—they can share it with others in such a way that it can be shared and built upon. That's all a knowledge platform is.

Knowledge platforms can be built upon, copied, expanded, re-thought, re-done. Sharing knowledge and then building on it is very helpful and powerful. If someone builds on a knowledge platform and it doesn't help you or the new way doesn't work the same way you originally intended, that's fine. Your way is still out there for others to build on in different ways—and your way still exists for what you built it for.

When you're designing and building knowledge platforms, try to build in ways they can be connected to other knowledge platforms. Other protos and projects might be able to use them in interesting and unexpected ways. Knowledge platforms are made to be copied and morphed around by others. Don't worry about what other people do with it—just keep building the most amazing, fun, helpful knowledge platforms you can and let others find them so they can build on them if they want to.

Build a knowledge platform designed to help you or other protos design knowledge platforms— knowledge platform designing knowledge platforms!

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