Living in Space

Protos live in all sorts of different spaces. The way protos think about space determines what they can do with it. If you have a space you can do something, like your bedroom, outside somewhere, in a house, in a building of any kind, then think about all the different ways that space could be used. Spaces are designed and built for a lot of different reasons, and there may be a lot of different ways they can be used that the people who designed and built them never considered. Don't hesitate to think about how a space can be used for something you've never seen it used for. There is also space online, which is different than physical space in a lot of ways, and similar in other ways. Think about the ways they're the same and different.

Startup or work on projects that explore how space can be used—how it can be thought of—how it can be experimented with—how it can be transformed into other spaces. Projects that help space be used for different things, at different times, with different tools—all really good ideas.

Design space online, design physical space. Design tools and projects that help different kinds of space work together in amazing ways. Work with other protos to challenge yourselves to think up new things and share them!

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