Emergent Design

Emergent design is about designing things to solve problems you or other protos are having. Help protos who don't have access to things find it. Solutions emerge when you're faced with an emergency—or when you want to help someone else who has one.

Studying and thinking about how you can help solve other protos' problems also helps you because that helps new tools, designs, technologies and all that stuff—it helps them come into being, when, before, it never would have.

When you find a way to solve a problem, if you share how you did it with others you're also helping them, and then they can help others with it too. Emergent Design is about finding more and new and different ways of helping you and other protos solve problems.

Projects that help protos think up new ways of solving problems are great—and projects that help protos share ways of solving problems are great too!

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