What is Protoplanet?

Basically, Protoplanet is something that protos harness in order to do things that wouldn't otherwise be possible.

Protoplanet consists of 4 systems, each with 8 corresponding elements, which can be combined to startup and work on projects, gain knowledge and experience, communicate, and explore technology.

What is proto.tv?

ProtoTV is an online resource guide for everything related to Protoplanet (currently in open stealth mode).

What's a Proto?

A proto is anyone who's into Protoplanet. Someone who's studying and learning how to use the systems and elements and putting it all into action.

What's with all these Systems and Elements?

Take a moment to look at these two pages describing Systems and Elements. Protoplanet has 4 systems which all interact together to keep it going. There are 32 different elements that can be used to build things.

The names for the systems and elements may seem strange or non-sensical at first, and that's okay — the point is to describe them the best we can for now. Feel free to think up other names for them once you get the hang of things.

How do I get started?

Start by learning all the elements and systems. Once you grok all of them, start thinking of something you'd like to do and see if you can use them to do it. It's kind of that simple (and difficult at the same time).

Where can I find other protos and projects to work on?

There's an element for that! Both of those, actually. Don't worry, there's basically an element for everything. If you want to jump right in, here are the element pages for Finding Protos and Finding Projects.

What do all those special symbols mean?

Glad you asked. Like Protoplanet in general, you'll get the hang of them over time. They're basically just navigation buttons but, especially at first, will often take you to unexpected, seemingly random, frustrating places. That's okay. They're designed to help you fully explore the site, in ways you might not if everything was simply laid out for you. Here's a general guide:

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Who runs this site and how can I contact them?

ProtoTV is overseen by Protoplanet Systems. For more information, email scott@proto.tv